Cary-Blair transport medium

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Cary Blair Transport Medium is a semisolid medium recommended for use in the transportation and preservation of clinical specimens,primarily stool and rectal swabs.

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This medium has a low nutrient content to prevent replication of organisms while maintaining viability. Sodium thioglycollate is added to impede oxidation. Disodium phosphate is incorporated in the medium as a buffering agent to prevent overgrowth of enteric pathogens with Escherichia coli and Enterobacter. The alkaline pH minimizes the destruction of bacteria due to acid formation.


Ergonomic and anatomic design, perpendicular nylon fiber acts like a soft brush thus improves patient comfort an deficiency in cell specimen collection.

Improved sample collection, sprayed-on fibers statically charged and attached to the applicator tip in a uniform perpendicular manner and by means of strong capillary action cell specimens are rapidly absorbed.

Superior sample elution, with an open fiber structure it instantly dislodge s the specimen cells into the liquid medium, unlike traditional wound swabs when the specimen is entrapped in the mattress core.

Increased assay sensitivity, flocked swabs are proven to elute>95%of the original sample rapidly thus easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

Quantitative volume transfer, measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to the test tube has no internal mattress core to disperse and entrap the precious sample like traditional fiber wound swabs.


Certified free of inhibitors and interference, collection swabs are certified DNASE, RNASE-free and human DNA-free.They are also free of any PCR inhibitors, certificate of analysis available for each lot of manufacture.



1.  If a stool specimen is received, place approximately one gram of fecal material into Cary Blair Transport Medium. If specimen is received

on a swab, place the swab in Cary Blair Transport Medium and cut off the protruding portion of the swab.

2.  Secure the cap tightly and label the specimen.

3.  Transport the specimen to the laboratory with minimal delay at room temperature unless recovery of Shigella is required, in which case

the specimen should be maintained at 2-8°C during shipment.

4.  Mix the specimen thoroughly prior to inoculation of appropriate media.


All lot numbers of Cary Blair Transport Medium have been tested using the following quality control organisms and have been found to be

acceptable. Testing of control organisms should be performed in accordance with established laboratory quality control procedures. If

aberrant quality control results are noted, patient results should not be reported.



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